Rami Dib



In this exhibition, you will find a curated collection of my artworks created within my time at the Sigtuna Folkhögskola art school. Throughout the year, I have undertaken numerous projects, like “Escape”, “Dozing off” and my latest “Mitochondria”. In this particular project I explored the intricate patterns of mitochondria, which are vital organelles within cells responsible for supplying energy through the breakdown of fats and sugar.

Throughout the year, my primary objective was to apply and incorporate my previous knowledge and experiences into the diverse range of projects I undertook. My aim was to effectively utilise the skills and insights I had acquired prior to this year, thereby enhancing the quality and depth of my artwork in each project because during my younger years, I was prohibited from engaging in creative pursuits such as drawing or dancing due to cultural expectations, particularly in the eyes of my father and other men in my community. The prevailing belief was that men should prioritise providing for their families, pursuing a stable education and profession, and upholding a certain masculine image. Although it may sound absurd, conforming to these expectations was something I was constantly expected to consider.

Now, at the age of 28, I finally had the opportunity to dedicate an entire year to practising art without feeling guilty about not having a conventional job yet. This past year has been both exhilarating and fulfilling, although I did experience moments of frustration and doubt when I questioned whether art was truly meant for me. I even wondered if I had made the right decision in choosing art over pursuing higher education at a university.

However, I have never felt prouder than I do now. Engaging in art has provided me with a newfound sense of self-confidence. It has allowed me to find my own path in life and encouraged me to make significant changes and decisions that have brought me closer to understanding my body, emotions, and aspirations. Art has been a catalyst for transformative experiences, enabling me to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It's important to remember that my identity and fulfilment are not defined by societal expectations or gender roles, but rather by the pursuit of what brings me true joy and purpose.

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